Holiday`s outfits: Dresses & Shoes!

Hello, friend ! I know it's December 21st on the calendar, and you're in agony looking for your New Year's outfit, right?

Yesterday we received an email notification about the holiday sale from the brand Zara. I know that not every girl will go to buy an outfit in this store, but why overpay if you can spend 1000-4000 on a cool outfit? So we thought it was urgent to choose the best dresses and shoes at the lowest price for you. Enjoy!


The first mini-dress with a stand-up collar cost 2,799 rub. Now you can pick it up for only 1,599 rub. Well, wonderful ! The second option is my love. It looks incredibly beautiful! The old price of 3,999 rubles. Now you can pick it up for 2,999 rubles.

I already started talking about colored shoes, right? Here are my two favorite options. Purple mules-shoes with details - ideal for a plain dress. Stones do not look cheap, everything is laconic, I think you need to take! The second option is also very bright, but without details. Favorite red and pink combination of all fashionistas. I think if you're going to celebrate the New year at home - it's a great option. Convenient and beautiful!

And so, again dresses. Not only two,  four versions! It's bright, festive, wild, playful, just beautiful. The first dress in linen style and with leopard print. It is not overloaded with details, even this leopard looks fresh and inconspicuous here. I love this option! The second is also have a leopard print, but already has a detail in the form of sleeves, lanterns. Interesting fit. We will add basic black shoes and yes! You're beautiful!

 The last option of dresses I like the most because I just love everything related to sequins! It is an аssociation with holiday, fun, loud music and dim lights. A dress with colorful sequins is my favorite. It is super sexy and feminine! I like that the top of the dress is not straight, but has a cutout, very beautiful! It will also look great with a classic black owersize blazer. Just imagine! The second option reminds me of the most beautiful chocolate wrapper. Light, shiny, short. These three words the most accurately describe this outfit. I would have added a blazer to it  too, but, for example, red. Will be so good.

And the last thing I liked. Two pairs of black shoes. The first-classic shoes made of shiny fabric. They have an interesting detail - velvet straps that can be tied around the leg, or removed if you do not like them, as an option. The second are brighter, have details in the form of colorful flowers / stars (I can not decide). They're super festive! They remind me of fireworks, they must be on this list!  


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