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SKIN brand is something unique that reflects us in the context of fashion trends. We decided to create our own clothing style which is inspired by traveling and other people’s fashion styles. We are a creative sisters duo: artist/designer and photographer/choreographer.

Our style is a set of the impact of trends of the modern world and underlining of the uniqueness of each of us. We don’t adapt to mass demand and fleeting trends. Every idea of each model comes spontaneously and is born on the basis of impressions from different countries, cities, and people who meet us on the way. We don’t rely on seasonal trends and invent models by the internal state. In every new collection, we present extraordinary clothes layering. For example, a lightweight coat combined with a summer blouse and warm trousers, a warm knitted sweater with a delicate combination, a "military" coat with a lace dress.

SKIN brand involves not only an industrial environment adaptation but also the creation of a unique shell for each of us. This is an amazing opportunity for self-expression and creative solutions to your style. We think about whether we would wear it ourselves and where it could go while inventing every clothes model. It’s important that there’s no stiffness in clothing, regardless of whether you’re in a dress or trousers. This is how self-confidence is born. And most importantly - any model should fit elegantly on different figure types, emphasizing only the dignity. Therefore, the cut is carefully worked out by us, and every new sample is always checked by a sister in motion: she jumps, squats, and sometimes it comes to more complex moves. We don’t start tailoring until the sample passes a couple of rounds of tests.

Our clothes models are designed according to our own sketches based on innovative design methods. All the items come in a limited number, no more than 5 copies! It’s important for us to preserve the uniqueness of your style.

SKIN clothing isn’t produced at the factory or in a workshop; we create it in our family studio with rich creative traditions, where professionals work. Without seeking to sew a lot and quickly, working on details, masters create really beautiful and qualitative things for you, on the basis of sketches that carefully developed by us.

The use of Italian fabrics based on natural fibers allows us to create clothes as comfortable as possible for our skin. And you can feel it.

We have a large selection of clothing models from warm cozy coats to elegant and light dresses. You can choose different items to create your own style on the basis of a wide range of products.

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