Shanghai Tofu : 打酱油

Shanghai Tofu is a Chinese-inspired fashion and accessory label founded this fall by the Berlin based sisters Lina and Inga Zangers. Each piece of the collection provides wearable design objects with a mischievous twist bridging gender and generations. The style of the pieces is shaped by Chinese and French elements that merge together into a surprising friendship.

Selected accessories produced in Europe are the result of the sisters gathered inspiration from trips through China and France. Using high-quality materials such as silver and gold as well as certified Ökotex fabrics, Lina and Inga deliver timeless cosmopolite slow fashion bites instead of fashion fast food.

With the „FORBIDDEN TASSEL EARRING" and the "JE NE SOY QUOI BERET", the Zangers sisters start their first foray into the fashion scene. Lina with extensive experience as a successful fashion photographer takes on the creative role, while Inga as a consultant in an international digital agency is responsible for the business side.



The beret is an homage to Shanghai's beautiful French Concession district and gives its owner the little "Je ne sais quoi".
100% Virgin Wool, available in four colors - made in Europe, embroidered in Germany. 

Backstory to the 打酱油 embroidery:
A couple of years ago, a man gave a snide response to a TV reporter and it went viral. He was being interviewed on the street by Guangzhou TV when asked about a pop singer’s sex scandal. He responded: (translated) "What’s that got to do with me? I’m just here to buy soy sauce". He meant it literally – he was just out buying soy sauce, daily business in China. However, the response was an instant online hit and the phrase 打酱油 (get soy sauce) has become Chinese slang for “to mind one’s own business” and is mainly applied in a joking or sarcastic manner to avoid talking about sensitive issues



The design of the FORBIDDEN TASSLE EARRING is inspired by the wooden carved windows of the Forbidden City.
The plate is made of sterling silver and gold vermeil with a high polished finish. The 11 cm long tassel is available in four different colors. The earring comes single, but can also be worn as a pair. Handcrafted in Germany.


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