Valentine`s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is hot on our heels and this is a special article for those of you, who still haven't come up with a gift idea for your beloved one or a girlfriend/mom/sister. We’re all for girls making gifts to other girls in case the latter appear to be single on this day.

Why not have a hen-party, sorta? And if you’re all ears, let us show you what we’ve chosen. WARNING! WAY TOO MUCH PINK!

1. Bags 

We guarantee you - all girls adore bags. We provide you with 3 exemplars from $35 up to $390.

♡ ZARA $35 — Quite worthy, on-a-budget option. A small bag with metal details, faux leather.

♡ FURLA $330 — A legendary METROPOLIS model, which already managed to conquer the hearts of all the girls of the planet; designed in pink, real leather. 

♡ PINKO $390 — This babe got to be my personal favorite (Editor-in-Chief speaking), I'm crazy around the PINKO brand, I’m in love with every bag of theirs but I’ve picked this one, cause it has zero decorative elements except for a gold belt buckle аnd the lilac colour will dilute any outfit, even the most boring one.

2. Clothing. 

We’ve picked a couple of inexpensive options every girl would estimate. A soft and delicate shirt that also feels great on the skin is a beautiful gift, which reveals all the warm feelings you have!

♡ ZARA $45 — A 100% cotton hoodie will go for an ideal present. It can be worn with jeans as well as with jackets. I’m sure it’ll come in handy for every girl despite her clothing style.

♡ H&M $60 — Certainly a favorite in the list for me (Editor-in-Chief speaking). I suppose many of you’ve noticed how plush stuff is now overflowing all the podiums and stores worldwide. Not only is it beautiful but practical as well. This H&M coat is a perfect option both in price and in quality.

♡ H&M $25 — A powder-colored and v-necked jumper will emphasize sexuality and femininity, the price will please everyone too.

3. Shoes. 

Shoes are gifts you can give only if you’re 100% sure of the size (same with lingerie). But for the best people around - those who know everything about their loved ones - we provide you all with 3 great inexpensive exemplars.

♡ ZARA $50 — Pointed court shoes. In fuchsia color (our favorite trend, we advise you to take a good look at it). It has no excess details and trappings; moderate enough, it’s quite a bright option at the same time. 

♡ H&M $60 — Pink Loafers, natural suede, more of an everyday-like option. "Gucci" style, go put a green dress on and you’re all ready!

♡ H&M $50 — These ones are quite similar to the Zara’s, still they look more spiffy. There’s a stone-ish decoration and a heel is a couple of centimeters smaller. But that’s a matter of taste, depending on who likes what!

4. Home accessories.

What presents do you get for someone who owns it all already? Yep! Home accessories, say - mugs, plaids, vases. Here’s a complete list of six great items that we chose, so that you know it's all up to you! 

♡ H&M $15 — A soft bathmat. A nice addition aka sweet nothing.

♡ H&M $10 — A porcelain cup with a golden edge and a handle. Looks incredibly subtle and costly, a perfect present for those who love afternoon teas and neatness! 

♡ H&M $10 — In addition to a beautiful cup you can also get a porcelain plate if a single cup looks a bit plain to you. 

♡ ZARA $70 — A golden tray. You can use it for cosmetics, perfume, candles and everything else you have in your room. Any item will look even more beautiful sitting on this tray!

♡ ZARA $35 — A pink ceramic vase with a shiny and matte finish. Sadly it’s not meant to be filled with water but it still looks amazing. It’ll adorn any interior for sure, you can also put some dried flowers in to give your room some transformation!

 ZARA $190 — A checkered mohair plaid. The price is high enough though it’s totally worth it. Every princess would be happy to see such a dressing on her bed, I guarantee you! 

5. Lingerie. 

A tricky one as we’ve said - you should only choose this as a gift if you’re absolutely sure ‘bout the size needed, otherwise it can turn into some really awkward situation.

♡ H&M $18 — A set of two lace bras. A black one and a pink one, quite sexual and aesthetic-looking.

♡ H&M $25 — A cute pink pajamas. We bet you agree it’s much better to see your girl wearing beautiful pajamas, not those old pants and stretched t-shirts at home (even though it’s comfy). So there’s a great opportunity of making her even more beautiful and happy!

♡ H&M $22 — Another bra. It accentuates the breasts perfectly, you can also get a matching bottom. Here’s why we recommend you H&M - you can easily find more than 2 matching panties to your bra in the undies section! 

6. Bath Bombs.

The last point - a highly intimate one - Bath Bombs. Just imagine preparing dinner for your loved one and decorating the bathroom with flowers, candles, music, waiting for her.. And you put a bomb into the bath right at the peak of the bathing process and here comes magic! Take a look at our overview of the way they work (and why they do).

♡ LUSH $7 — The first bomb called «Twilight». This relaxing Bath Bomb with its lavender perfume will take you right to the Realm of Dreams – the product maker says; I don’t know how good it is, still, there’s always room for relaxation!

♡ LUSH $5 — «Seven Roses». Just drop the bomb in the bathtub and seven roses’ buds will break out of the charming pink heart. Isn’t that romantic?

 LUSH $7 — "Sexbomb". If you like sensual perfume and Tom Jones - this one is right for you.

 LUSH $8 — "PINK". Striking colors and emotions. «Let the sweet scent of vanilla and tonka absolutes cozy up to your senses» - how can one not enjoy a thing with such a portrait?!

That’s our pinky-pink list of wondrous gifts for your beautiful women. Don’t you leave such a day behind - every girl wants to get some attention and love at least once a year! (just kiddin’) 
Hope y’all have a great Valentine's Day!


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