Instagram of the week. 

Today is the day when we’re introducing a new column - IOTW. We’ll be sharing some interesting and inspiring accounts with you each week in such a tremendous and significant social platform as Instagram.

We accidentally meet incredible personalities every day: actors, models, photographers, architects, musicians, bloggers. Here’re the guys who solemnly run the column today — ADER ERROR (@ader_error)

ADER ERROR are our friends we’ve been working with for some time; we first met face to face during Paris Fashion Week. If you need an urgent shot of inspiration (really urgent!), we advise you to subscribe to their account. The ideas are just incredible, its realization is amazing. Sometimes you come up with a thought that it’s impossible to run it all alone. Plenty of fresh ideas and its great delivery - this is ADER

Beyond doubt, all the shots are linked to their clothing brand, which, for instance, the most stylish people in the world do adore. The colors, the cuts, the details, the combinations - everything is thoroughly thought-out.
ADER ERROR is a breath of fresh air, it’s a total inspiration, a new view. That’s why they sure deserve a place in the very first post.
Here’s a small selection of our latest favorite shots.

text : Liza Gysevskaya -- translator : Sonya Priss


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