Sci-Fi Glasses or a Throwback to the 90s. 

We all remember "The Matrix» movie and the main hero’s glasses, right? This frame got to be the
most stylish bestseller of the last couple of months. You can now find them in mass-market as well as in official Louis Vuitton stores.
The biggest Hollywood fashion lovers Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid just can't do without such an accessory. It really is a good substitution to the boring "Aviators" and round RayBans, which were flickering in every magazine, tv-series and on the streets of big cities.

The new trend might appear bold and complicated to someone, still, we urge you to take a good look at it and find a frame that suits you best and is good-priced. 

Poppy Lissiman. 
You can get these glasses at the Poppy Lissiman store for a 100 euros. By the way, Bella Hadid owns exactly the same pair. Not the most expensive option, but sure a qualitative one.

Monarch Tokyo 
This brand sells their glasses almost half the price of Poppy Lissiman’s, they have worldwide shipping and the Sci-Fi frame in stock. 
Here are some examples available online

George Keburia 
A distinguished Georgian designer who won the hearts of such women as Gigi Hadid, Kourtney Kardashian, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Leandra Medine. A truly outstanding brand that makes glasses everybody is dreaming ‘bout, I assure you!

Prabal Gurung 
The pics from prabal gurung ’s show spread around the internet. Metallic Sci-Fi glasses with azure
and yellow glass are something incredible you need to look at!


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