Stars from the Stars

This season at Moschino Jeremy Scott ventures deep into Area 51 territory to concoct a collection that puts conspiracy theory into fashion practice. What if extra-terrestrials really did walk among us? What if Marilyn Monroe really was knocked off by the feds to stop her spilling the beans about her Roswell pillow talk with JFK?? And - deep breath - wasn’t Jackie O too perfect to be human???

The parallel narratives of the paranoid are deployed by Scott to create a collection that’s so real it’s unreal. Our first contact comes via a series of out of this world dresses and separates that mix just so mid-century daywear with the cut and zippers of the iconic Moschino biker jacket.

The colors are pumped: Scott ventured beyond the realms of Pantone this season to discover powerful shades that have fallen into disuse. Some looks feature wide vertical stripes, others touches of leather, and yet other sports-touched looks come in a three colorway, cracked zig-zag brocade. A Moschino foulard print is twisted with polka-pixels. We see Venus in faux furs. Everything’s matchy-matchy. She’s fabulous - and she’s not from around here.

Further frazzle is delivered thanks to this season’s capsule collection, a collaboration with the awesome Australian artist Ben Frost. His hyper-stylised images of feminine ‘perfection’ collaged with the packaging of the products with which we self-medicate in this consumer age work perfectly on cute handbags, gamine dresses, to-die-for phone cases and more - buy ‘em now!

The daywear has landed - we orbit to night. We see a series of siren dresses and tuxedos that come slashed, chopped, hybridised and collided and mix metallics and sequins, crystals and silks. They combine goddess gathering from the first great age of Old Hollywood glamour with a hot-pink hello to Marilyn Monroe plus looks from a later, more empowered age - as if some new arrival had processed the humanity’s entire red-carpet history at hyperspeed then materialised the best of it all together.

These are looks fit for a star from the stars. Plan Nine from outer space. The Truth? It’s Out There! Believe.

The best outfits from the show :

Hair by: Paul Hanlon at Julian Watson Agency

Makeup creative direction by: Kabuki and the MAC PRO team

Head of painting by: Pablo Rodriguez @ CLM Hair & Makeup and the MAC PRO team

Stylist: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele

Music: Michel Gaubert

Casting Director: Piergiorgio Del Moro and Samuel Ellis Scheinman

Nails by: Essie

Eyewear: Safilo

Production: Random Production


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