Introducing HTC Los Angeles

Introducing HTC Los Angeles

A journey, whether real or emotional, is the starting point of HTC Los Angeles. The project is based on the collection of experiences and emotions, which materialize in garments designed to accompany the wearer in an independent, personal and casual life.

A way of being and free thinking that HTC Los Angeles expresses with a contemporary men's and women's collection, able to tell the meaning of words like heritage and rock 'n roll through a series of outerwear, boots, leather accessories and jeans with an essence that is authentic and daring, devoid of any sense of time.

Keeping these key leaders as iconic elements of the brand, along with a California image closer to Silver Lake's coolness than the glamor of West Hollywood, HTC Los Angeles continues to grow on its journey and transform itself, contaminating itself with other scenarios, meeting the citizens of the world capturing the charm of the melting pot, of multicultural music, wandering in every culture with also a super-contemporary and dynamic female public.

Guided by a philosophy that is exactly the opposite of the one that regulates fast fashion, HTC Los Angeles creates all its garments based on the principle that every thing made by hand improves with time.

This is why the Made in Italy and US brand has embarked on a research path around material, manual skills and craftsmanship, feeling naturally attracted by everything that is authentic, sometimes even raw.

The New HTC Los Angeles Collection will be the highlight of Milan fashion week with a presentation hosted at the Camera Italiana Buyer Moda in Via Tortona 27.

The collection has already gained enormous support by some of the world most prestigious windows starting from Italy with Excelsior Milano and LuisaViaRoma. Internationally with Selfridges in London, Le66 in Paris, Battaglia in Saint Tropez, Fred Segal in Los Angeles, Tom Greyhound in Seoul and many others.



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