SITUATIONIST derives its inspiration from the group of political and artistic social rebels of the mid 20th century – Situationists. The group was born out of a fusion of avant-garde artists, political theorists and street ethnographers who began to explore alternative life experiences constructed by everyday life situations. Artistic means of expression of both, Situationists and SITUATIONIST, combine elements of wonder, experimentation, own self of time and pursuit of one’s desire. Sophisticated forms, strong lines, quirky tailoring and elemental colors are hallmark of the brand. The 2018/2019 Autumn-Winter collection is characterized by innovative patterns, complex forms, and reflective geometric constructions.

The presentation of the new collection will be held at Paris Fashion Week, on March 3rd from 2 to 5PM in Palais de Tokyo – Salle Toguna. The presentation offers a glimpse of what 20-something- year-old artists are working on in Georgia. These artists represent a new, young and creative force of independent Georgia, redefined ground zero of the 21st century Georgian art. Unlike Situationists, these artists incorporate fragments of local visuals in collaboration with hues of cultural references from real and virtual travels from around the world. One of the artists, Salome Jokhadze, takes her inspiration from the famous Persian Qajar portraits, remarked for the use of young boys as models to paint portraits of ladies from harem. This gender bending portraiture is reinterpreted with minimal outlines in Salome Jokhadze’s transparent portraits and will be displayed during the presentation. Giorgi Geladze will also showcase his unique approach of text paintings made on cardboard and fabric. His profanity leaden texts merge protest signs with poetic muse to ignite provocative images.

These two artists will set a background for the new collection of SITUATIONIST. “I don’t believe that one can call a creation to a work that is only a personal expression, with this presentation we want to construct different situations and suggest directly lived experience to our audience” – Says Irakli Rusadze, creative director of SITUATIONIST.

Photos by Eseniya Araslanova 





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