"The Wax Collective party in Russia / St.Petersburg.

Inspiration often seeks to evade the the consciousness of the casual mind. This is why we have conformity. 

The Wax Collective defied expectation when it was born in a part of the UK that had never known its kind before. And how modest then, its own expectations had been: little had anyone thought that such a novice enterprise might grow into a recognisable movement, assured of its longevity, and mindful of its responsibility to the town in which it was founded. 

The Collective emerged at a time when music culture in St Andrews was particularly bleak and monochromatic. For such an international location, the lack of cultural diversity is difficult to account for. Either way, through toil and occasional strife the Wax Collective carved out its niche by providing something quite fundamental: genre-specific music played by local DJs. 

Over time, Wax gained popularity, and as it did so, so too did the electronic music it sought to promote. Nights of a similar ilk began to appear, and a community of electronic music fans materialised. People saw much in the events: an escape, a celebration, a safe space… even a protest. It was neither bound to succeed nor doomed to fail. It only required belief. 

Forethought, as a strategy, is possible only when circumstances are at their most predictable. The Wax Collective could never have envisioned their future, indeed they never did. St Andrews is a place where almost everything has a short shelf life: students come and go, along with their creations, which oftentimes are not so easily passed on to successors. What was always Wax’s focus was momentary success: an original, exciting and liberating event to be enjoyed by all. And thanks to this approach, surprise rewards lay along the road to success. Wax began to play at events further afield than St Andrews: in neighbouring town Dundee, and in Edinburgh, the capital city. 

Whether the Wax Collective will stand the test of time, remains to be seen. Here we have photographs from their most recent event, a spontaneous, one off party held in St Petersburg, Russia where three of their resident DJs were taking vacation. This event, it has to be said, is a testament to the passionate and ambitious ideals upon which the organisation was founded. I hope that, if nothing else, at least this legacy will endure in St Andrews.



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